PayPal Honey Shopping Extension

Cash back and coupons, no hunting needed.

Receive cash back offers and coupon codes as you browse online. Our shopping extension automatically searches for you. Then, applies the best ones it can find at checkout.1

Mobile screen with a PayPal Honey coupon alert, notifying the customer that they got a cash back offer.

Shop as usual. We’ll bring you the offers

PayPal Honey searches for offers and discounts while you shop. Then, combines the available ones on your purchase.

Earn cash back without effort

Receive active cash back alerts while you shop. Plus, your shopping earns you points. Track and redeem them for cash back in the app.

Unlock coupon codes in seconds

From groceries, clothes, and almost anything you can shop online. At checkout, we'll search millions of active coupon codes. And quickly apply the biggest savings we can find.

Start using the extension

We’ll show you how.

Add the shopping extension

Install it to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

Shop as you always do

We'll do the search. Then alert you to available cash back offers1 and coupon codes.

Reel in the offers

At checkout, we'll apply the best offer or coupon code to your purchase.

Tap into our cash back offers

Looking for offers before you shop? Discover them in the app. We'll automatically apply them when you pay.

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PayPal Honey Shopping Extension FAQs

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