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Why can't I pay with PayPal Credit?

If your purchase is declined by PayPal Credit, you'll receive a notification right away. We’ll also email you within 48 hours to explain more about this decline.

Here are some common reasons why you may be unable to pay with PayPal Credit, and what you can do:

  • Your purchase attempt might exceed your available credit.

    You can view your current credit line and available credit by clicking PayPal Credit on your Dashboard.

    If you made a payment toward your PayPal Credit balance to increase your available credit, check your balance to make sure that the payment has posted to your account.

    If you paid with PayPal Credit and the seller hasn’t processed the transaction, it’ll affect your available credit. If you wish to cancel a pending order like this, please contact the seller. Once canceled, it’ll disappear from your account within 30 days. If a canceled pending order is still on your account and you believe it's causing your later purchase attempt to be declined, you can request us to manually remove it.

    You may request a credit line increase by calling the customer service number on your monthly statement. Synchrony Bank, the issuer of the PayPal Credit account, may increase your credit line from time to time. Keeping your account profile and income information up to date may help you qualify for future credit line increases.
  • Your purchase attempt might need further verification.

For your account security, we always check to make sure the information provided during checkout matches your account details. If the information can’t be verified, the purchase will be declined.

Please make sure the information entered on the seller’s website matches your PayPal account details.

Here are some common things to check:

  • Is your name spelled the same? Avoid using nicknames or abbreviations.
  • Is the phone number the same one we have on your PayPal account?
  • Does the email address you entered match the email address we use to communicate with you?
  • Did you enter the correct billing address at checkout? Is your billing address different than your shipping address?
  • Your PayPal Credit account could be closed.

    You can determine the status of your PayPal Credit account by checking your most recent billing statement. If your account was closed as of the date of this billing statement, a notification will appear under the section titled "Important Account Information." If your account is open, there’ll be no notification in this section.
  • PayPal Credit might not be offered for all purchases.

    Depending on the circumstances of each purchase, sometimes you could be restricted from using your credit line even if the seller accepts PayPal Credit. Please try to complete your purchase using another available payment method.
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