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Questions about Pay in 4 application and repayments

Questions about Pay in 4 application

How is my application for Pay in 4 assessed?
Our decisioning process is automated and we assess your financial position, the information you provided within your application, and information about your usage and history with PayPal to decide whether Pay in 4 is suitable for you at this time. We may also use external bureau data to assess your application.

Will applying for Pay in 4 impact my credit score?
No. Applying for Pay in 4 will not impact your credit score.

My Pay in 4 application has been declined. Why?
If your application gets declined, you can still use PayPal to check out securely with other payment methods in your wallet. We will send you an email explaining why your application didn't go through.

Why could I use Pay Later before but can’t with the same merchant now?
Pay Later eligibility will vary by merchant and individual shopping experience. The Pay Later checkout options will be displayed if the option is available for the specific merchant as well as the transaction amount and type. Keep in mind, not all goods and services are eligible. If for some reason the items in your cart are not eligible for Pay Later, the offer will not be available. Eligibility is also based on your state of residence, so, for example, you may be eligible for one Pay Later product, but not another.

Questions about Pay in 4 repayments

How do I make my repayments?
After your down payment, your 3 subsequent repayments will be taken automatically from the confirmed payment method you provided at the time of your application. Currently, your PayPal balance can't be used for repayments.

Where can I see how much I owe?
Just log into your PayPal account, go to Pay in 4, and click on the specific Pay in 4 plan you want to see. The amount you still owe will be under “Remaining.”

Where can I see the amount of my payments?
Log into your PayPal account, go to Pay in 4, and click on the specific Pay in 4 plan you want to see. There you can see the amounts of your previous payments in your Plan Activity. You can also see the amounts of upcoming payments by clicking “See Upcoming Payments.”

Can I make extra or unscheduled payments?
Yes. Log into your PayPal account, choose the Pay in 4 plan you want to pay and click Make a Payment. Then, you can make an unscheduled or extra payment that will be applied to that Pay in 4 plan.

Can I pay off the entire Pay in 4 plan at once?
Yes. Log into your PayPal account, choose the Pay in 4 plan you want to pay off and click Make a Payment. Then you can make an unscheduled payment to pay off the entire Pay in 4 plan.

Can I pause or suspend my Pay in 4 payments?
No. Once you agree to the terms of your Pay in 4 plan and your payments begin, you cannot pause, suspend, or skip your payments.

Why didn't my payment go through?
There are several reasons we may not have been able to complete your scheduled payment, including if there were insufficient funds on your debit card, credit card or bank account, or if your card hasn't been confirmed.

What if I miss a payment?
With auto-payments, any reason the payment doesn't go through has the potential to have the account become Past Due. You may receive an automated phone call, reminding you of your past due balance and informing you of how you can make you payment.

How can I update my debit or credit card for future repayments?
If you want to make future payments with a new card, you can change your payment method by logging into your PayPal account, going to Pay in 4, and selecting the Pay in 4 plan you want to change. There, you can click “Change” under “Payment Method” to update your information or choose a new way to pay. If you are adding a new debit or credit card, you'll need to confirm it before you can use it for repayments.

How long does it take for my latest payment to appear in my Pay in 4 activity?
Your Plan Activity is always up to date on the Pay in 4 section of your PayPal account, so any payments you make should appear there immediately.

I have opened a dispute. Do I still need to make repayments?
Yes. You must continue making repayments when due while we investigate your dispute.

What if I return my Pay in 4 purchase? Do I still have to make payments?
If you return the item you purchased using Pay in 4, you will receive a refund directly from the merchant. If the refund is not issued immediately, you will need to continue making your Pay in 4 repayments until you receive your refund.

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