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What is Spoof?

A spoof or phishing (pronounced "fishing") email is an email that is designed to look like it comes from a well-known company and that tells some story to get you to click a link or button in the email.

The links or buttons in the email take you to a website that is also called a "spoof" because it, too, fakes the appearance of a popular website or company. The spoof site asks you to input personal information, such as your credit card number, Social Security number or account password.

You think you are giving information to a trusted company, when in fact, you are supplying it to a criminal.

Common deceptive tactics of spoof emails and websites.

The following pages will help you prevent falling for a spoof email and protect your account. The lessons learned here can be applied not only on PayPal, but wherever you do business online.

Think an email is a spoof? Forward it to

Remember: The "From" field of an email can easily be altered—it is not a reliable indicator of the true origin of the email.

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