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Mobile: Secure & Private

PayPal Mobile: Keeping It Safe
We take extra measures to keep your mobile transactions secure and your financial information private.
Activate your phone – Start off securely
When you activate your phone for PayPal Mobile – on the PayPal website or from the mobile internet – you’ll create a unique mobile PIN that streamlines payment confirmation and keeps your money safe. To complete the activation, we’ll call or text you to verify your request.

Privacy is built in
Whether you’re on the phone or online, your credit card and banking information are never revealed when you use PayPal.

You control every transaction
You confirm payment details for every transaction you make. If you don’t confirm a payment, no money is sent.

Your account is safe, even if your phone is lost or stolen
Your PayPal account can only be accessed by phone if you use your Mobile PIN or username and password. You can also protect your account by reporting the number of your lost or stolen phone at or by calling customer support.

Protect your password and PIN
PayPal will only ask for your PIN or Password for transactions that you initiate or to confirm ownership of your phone. After confirming your phone, if someone asks for your PIN or Password and it’s not for a payment that you started, do not give it to them. We will also never ask you to send your PIN or password in a text message.

Our online protection also covers PayPal Mobile
With PayPal Mobile, you get the same buyer protection programs and customer support that you get with PayPal online. And our proprietary fraud models help make PayPal Mobile transactions secure.

Incomplete payment details or dropped calls
If your call is dropped before you complete the payment details, you can resend without worrying. No money is sent until you fully confirm payment.

PayPal stands against phone spam
We only send you text messages related to transactions that you initiate or payments that you receive. You decide whether you want to receive promotional messages.

Mobile Security Tips

Keep your PIN secret
Never share access to your account.

Add 1-800-4PAYPAL to your mobile phonebook
This lets you ensure that payment confirmation calls you receive are from PayPal. Don’t accept such calls from another number.

Has your phone been lost or stolen?

Take measures to keep your PayPal account safe.

Change your PIN
If you want to keep your phone number, change your PayPal Mobile PIN.

Delete the number
If you want to change your phone number, be sure also to delete the previous number from your PayPal account.