PayPal Commerce Platform

Streamline operations

Tedious details. They’re not why you started a business, but they seem all you have time for. With the platform, you have the tools and resources you need to tackle the mundane tasks, freeing you to focus on what you love. Your business will run smoother than ever with reporting, analytics, shipping, and cash management tools—all from a single dashboard.

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Dispute management

PayPal’s resolution center helps make it easy for buyers and sellers to resolve those rare but unavoidable disputes. So you can view, manage and settle all transactions and disputes from your account dashboard.

Reporting & analytics

The better you know your customers, the smarter you can sell. That’s good for both you and your customers. Now you can use shopper insights to optimize operations and improve marketing with customizable retargeting capabilities.

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Shipping labels & tracking

Shipping made efficient. Shipping made easy. With PayPal. Purchase discounted USPS and UPS shipping labels, send shipping notifications, and track packages—all through your account.

Instant Transfer funds

Get faster access to your PayPal funds. With Instant Transfer1 you can move funds to your eligible bank account or debit card immediately—not the 1 to 2 days needed for a standard transfer. All for a fee of just 1% (up to $10).

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Funds Now

Your completed daily sales can hit your balance with PayPal2 fast with Funds Now3. You get more control over your cash flow and you get immediate access to all funds with no holds or reserves, even during disputes.

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Built for you,
no matter what your size

Whether you’re a small business, ecommerce platform, marketplace, enterprise, or developer, PayPal Commerce Platform offers what you need to run your business and help it grow.

Businesses Illustrative yellow hand around globe and connected dots. Get up and running quickly with simple setup and sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools. All designed to give you more time to help expand your business online, in person, and around the world.

Enterprises Illustrative blue hand around globe with green arrow. For you, the platform provides innovative payment options designed to help give you a competitive edge and to help you grow. It’s a comprehensive, flexible, and secure solution.

Platforms & Marketplaces Illustrative purple hand around globe with a blue eye in the center. Our partnerships with leading solution providers let us offer easy-to-implement payment solutions that both platforms and marketplaces can bring to their merchants.

Developers Illustrative red hand around globe with grey and blue gears. PayPal is an easy way to integrate some of today’s most popular payment methods. We invite you to explore our complete set of developer docs and resources to help you learn, experiment, test, and integrate.

1 Transfers typically occur in minutes and vary by bank. Debit card transfers may take up to 30 minutes. Fees, limits, and other holds may apply. Fees are subject to change.

2 Must have a business PayPal, PayPal Cash, or PayPal Cash Plus account to maintain and use a PayPal balance.

3 Available to select holders of accounts with PayPal in good standing and may be withdrawn, suspended, or modified at PayPal’s discretion. Exceptions apply.

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