Offering touch-free payment options can help retailers win big.

Nov 20 2020 | Alice Wong, PayPal Editorial Staff

Learn how offering touch-free payment options in-store - like QR codes - can help drive customer loyalty. 
In a recently published How We Shop Report by, we examine how consumers' shopping and payment preferences are evolving in an increasingly digital-first world. And one key thing we learned: In a socially distanced world, offering touch-free payments can help retailers win big. 6 in 10 consumers say businesses that do not offer digital payment options in stores will not get their business. And consumers who prefer shopping with QR codes are among some of the most loyal users of all. Approximately 34% say they would not buy from merchants at all if QR code-enabled payments were unavailable. 37% of consumers who prefer paying with a contactless debit or credit card would not complete a purchase at all if that option were not available. 40% of consumers across all generations (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers), who prefer to pay with Digital Wallet would not make a purchase if a Digital Wallet option were not available. Accept touch-free payments in-person. Whether your business is just getting started or already thriving, it's easy to accept touch-free payments in person. Just download and display your PayPal QR code, so your customers can scan it with their PayPal app. No need for business, software, or a card reader.
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