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Besides the items specifically named in the Acceptable Use Policy, does PayPal regulate any other goods or services?

PayPal account holders are responsible for ensuring that their transactions comply with the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. PayPal prohibits any transaction we determine or suspect may be illegal. The following are examples of items from highly regulated industries that are subject to the requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Animal and Wildlife Products – The sale and delivery of live animals and certain endangered or protected animal parts are regulated by governmental agencies worldwide. Transactions for these items must comply with all applicable laws.

Embargoed Goods – Various governmental agencies have sanctions that substantially regulate or ban all trade with particular countries, businesses, organizations, or individuals. PayPal prohibits transactions that violate any of these requirements.

Event Tickets – The resale of entertainment event tickets (including sporting events, concerts, and plays) must comply with all laws and regulations in the applicable jurisdiction.
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