Mobile security and privacy

Your mobile security, shop as safely on the move as you do online

Built-in privacy

Whether you're paying with PayPal Mobile or using your PayPal account online, you enjoy the same industry-leading fraud protection. PayPal never shares your financial details. You're also entitled to the same Buyer Protection and customer support as with your online PayPal account.

PIN protected

When you activate your mobile phone for PayPal Mobile, you choose a unique mobile PIN to streamline payment confirmation and keep your money safe. To complete the activation, we'll text you to verify your request. Your PayPal account can only be accessed by using your Mobile PIN or online username and password. This means your account is safe, even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen.

Confirming payment

We will never ask you to text us your PIN or password. We'll only ask you to enter your PIN or password at our site on your mobile phone browser in order to confirm your transactions or the ownership of your phone. Therefore never give out your PIN or password if the request is connected to a payment that you haven't started or if you have already activated your mobile phone for PayPal Mobile. Also remember no money is sent before you fully confirm payment.

Report your stolen mobile phone

You can also protect your account by deactivating the mobile phone or mobile payments in your PayPal Profile Summary or by calling customer support. However, if you want to keep your mobile phone number, you have to change your PayPal Mobile PIN.

No mobile phone spam

PayPal will only send you text messages which relate to transactions that you initiate or payments that you receive. You can choose whether you want to receive promotional messages.

Has your phone been lost or stolen?

Take measures to keep your PayPal account safe.

Change your PIN

If you want to keep your phone number, change your PayPal Mobile PIN.

Delete the number

If you want to change your phone number, be sure also to delete the previous number from your PayPal account.