PayPal Working Capital

Funding made simple with repayments that flex with your sales.

The PayPal Working Capital business loan is based on your PayPal sales and account history. Loans range from $1,000-$230,000 (and up to $350,000 for repeat borrowers).¹

Easy to apply and manage

Repay as you get paid

You choose from the percentage options available to automatically deduct from your PayPal sales as repayments, so managing your cash flow is easier. Minimum payment required.2

No Surprise fees

From new technology to extra supplies, or equipment upgrades to marketing, you can spend your funding on what your business needs.

No credit check

Since loans are based on your PayPal account history, there’s no external credit check or impact on your credit score.³

Quick funding

We usually let you know if you’re approved straight away. If approved, and you accept, we’ll transfer funds to your PayPal account within minutes. Then, you can instantly transfer those funds to your bank account.4

Designed to help you reach your business goals

Is PayPal Working Capital right for you?

Minimum eligibility requirements5:

  • Your business has had a PayPal Business account for 90 days or more
  • You process at least $15,000 in eligible PayPal sales annually.
  • You have repaid any existing PayPal Working Capital loan
  • Based in Australia

How to apply for PayPal Working Capital

Complete the short application

No credit check and no extensive documentation required. We usually let you know if you’re approved straight away.

Select your terms

If approved, choose the percentage of your PayPal sales that will go toward repaying your loan and fee. Then, agree to the terms and conditions.

Get funding fast

You’ll receive the funds in your PayPal Business account within minutes.

Start repayment

Repay automatically with a share of each PayPal sale until your balance is paid in full. You can also make manual payments with no early repayment fee.

You accept the offer and then literally within 30 seconds that money becomes available in your PayPal account, it really is that easy.

Without having PayPal Working Capital we wouldn't have been able to keep up with the explosion of demand.

PayPal Working Capital FAQ

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