Dispute management

Disputes happen. We can help you handle them.

Don’t let disputes get you down. We’re here to help resolve issues with customers and help you minimise chargebacks. It all starts with a Business account.

Dispute management you can trust

All you need to know in one place

Track and manage all case activity in one dashboard from our Resolution Centre.

Convenience for you and your buyers

Buyers can easily let you know about an issue. And it’s simple to submit info for transactions that are eligible for Seller Protection. Limits apply

Valuable insights

Dig into your disputes data with our reporting tools that can help you discover trends, spot opportunities, and improve for the future.

Resolve disputes on your website

Provide an optional customised dispute resolution experience right on your website. Learn more about Disputes API

How to go from dispute to resolution

If a customer raises an issue

You’ve got 20 days to try to respond to a dispute with your customer

If you can’t work it out

Either you or your customer can turn the dispute into a claim and submit related info or supporting documentation. That’s where we come in to help.

We’ll make the decision

We’ll review the information you and your customer provided in the claim to make the final call.

Don’t agree? You can always appeal

If the claim is decided in favour of the customer, you can file an appeal to revisit the decision.

Disputes, claims, and chargebacks? No sweat

If you get a dispute, don’t worry. It’s part of doing business. And we can help you resolve it.

Be the first to know

Our notifications and emails will alert you when there’s something that needs your attention. We can even let you know about a questionable transaction that is likely to result in a chargeback—giving you an opportunity to respond and avoid the chargeback fees.

Stay on top of your activity

Easily find a case and any status info you need by using the search function and filters in the Resolution Centre. You can also spot trends and track case progress.

Connect with your customers

One of the simplest ways to resolve a dispute with your customers is to communicate with them. Conversations between you and your customers are easy, secure, and hassle-free in our Resolution Centre.

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