How does enrollment with PayPal Giving Fund work?

If your organization has a PayPal Business account and is a 501(c)(3) Public charity, Private Operating Foundation, a religious institution, government agency, or Indian tribe, in good standing with the IRS, you’ll be eligible to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund. Please note that Private Non-Operating Foundations and Supporting Organizations aren’t eligible to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund.

Your charity must be able to provide proof of charitable status as well as proof that the PayPal account belongs to the charity. Charities must also meet the terms of our Nonprofit Certification Policy to become automatically enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund. 

  1. To get automatically enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, your charity must have a PayPal Business account. If you don't have one, you can sign up now.
  2. Once you've set up your PayPal Business account, you'll need to confirm your PayPal account belongs to a charity. Confirmed charities can receive PayPal charity benefits such as a reduced transaction fee of 2.2% + $0.30 USD per domestic transaction.
  3. Once you receive an email verifying that your charity status has been confirmed with PayPal, your charity may be automatically enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund. Please note:
    1. Charity accounts in California will need to complete the PayPal Giving Fund enrollment form after confirming their charity accounts (steps 1 and 2 above).
    2. If your organization has confirmed charity status but hasn’t been auto-enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund after 2 business days, please contact us.
Once enrolled, your charity will receive a welcome email, and you’ll be able to benefit from all the donation programs powered by PayPal Giving Fund. Charities that don’t want PayPal Giving Fund to accept donations to benefit them may request to be removed from our platforms at any time. To do this, an authorized representative of your charity should contact us to deactivate your charity profile.
If you would like to contact us and don’t have a PayPal account, please click here and fill out the form so we can help you resolve your PayPal Giving Fund issues.