Where is PayPal available?

Available in more than 200 markets around the world, PayPal helps you securely, easily, and quickly send and receive money worldwide. 

In many countries and regions, we've translated our most popular pages into the local language, making it easier for you to send or receive money, and benefit from other services. 

PayPal supports several currencies allowing you to make a payment in another currency even if you don't hold a balance in that currency. To send a payment, click Send & Request. Fill out the payment details and select your currency.

Your payment is automatically converted to the currency you choose, and the recipient will receive an email from PayPal stating the amount and currency of the payment. If you convert your payment to another currency, we show you the currency conversion calculation, or exchange rate, at the time of payment. We'll also show you any fees that may apply.

Learn more about currency conversion.