What is PayPal PLUS and where can I find support for it?

The PayPal PLUS product is a payment processing solution that enables small and medium-sized merchants to accept preferred local payment methods on websites, while reducing the effort and complexity of handling payments. Merchants get all relevant payment types with one integration. PayPal PLUS is available in both the German and Latin American markets.

  • Payment methods supported in Germany include PayPal, ELV (direct debit), Credit Card, and PUI (Pay Upon Invoice).
With PayPal PLUS, merchants can build a payment processing solution that doesn’t require buyers to have a PayPal account. In addition, merchants never need to direct buyers away from their websites to collect and process payment information.

The PayPal-hosted payment selection page for PayPal PLUS replaces your payment selection page. Using REST APIs and PayPal PLUS, you can easily build a payment flow and selection page that meets all of your needs.

Additional PayPal PLUS features include:
  • Support for payment installments.
    • The installments product is not part of the German PayPal PLUS iFrame but is supported in a separate integration in PayPal PLUS as a third party payment method.
  • Seller protection.
  • Ability to remember up to three credit card accounts. (not applicable for PayPal PLUS Germany)