How do I reprint a label created with PayPal MultiOrder Shipping?

To reprint your label:

  1. Go to the Multi-order shipping page.
  2. Go to Purchased Labels.
  3. Find the label you wish to reprint:
    • Select the date range using the Search drop-down menu.
    • Find the label you wish to reprint by selecting the date and transaction located in the two tables below the Search drop-down menu.
    • Select the individual label you wish to reprint.
  4. Click the Reprint button.

Labels can be reprinted only within 24 hours of generating the label. You can reprint the SCAN form if needed.

Note: Once your SCAN form has been scanned by USPS, your unused shipping labels are no longer eligible for refunds.

We are currently upgrading our USPS shipping label facility. Some changes in the instructions should be expected, please follow the onscreen instructions.