How do I import my certificate into the Windows key store?

If you're using the .NET SDK, you must grant the ASP.NET user permission to access your P12 public certificate.

  1. Use the C utility, which you can download from the MSDN website (
  2. Enter a command similar to the following. You'll need admin rights on your computer to complete this task.
WinHttpCertCfg -i mycert.p12 -p certpassword -c LOCAL_MACHINE\my -a aspnet
  • "mycert.p12" is the PayPal-issued digital certificate you've converted to PKCS12 format.
  • "certpassword" is the private key password you specified when you converted it.
  • If you're using Windows 2003 Server, replace "aspnet" with "IIS_WPG"
  • If you're using Windows 2003 Server with ASP Classic, replace "aspnet" with "Network Service" and include the double quotes.

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