How can I edit a PayPal payment button?

If you have a PayPal Business account, here's how to edit a PayPal payment button:

  1. Go to your App Center.
  2. Click View all next to 'Accept Payments'.
  3. Click the PayPal buttons tile, then Get Started.
  4. Click View your saved buttons.
  5. Click Action next to the button you want to edit and select Edit button.
  • To allow your customer to add personalized text, you can add a text field on the editing page. This field will appear above your button.
  • If you've customized the button, such as adding a dropdown menu or text field, please follow the instructions on the page and implement the HTML code to create your button. Only the buttons without customization has the "Email URL" option.
  • You can locate your Merchant ID within your PayPal account settings.