Can I get free shipping on a PayPal return?

Return Shipping on Us is available to customers who have activated the service and have a qualifying transaction on their PayPal account. This service is free and applies to physical, tangible goods where the return does not violate the seller’s condition of sale.

For more information, check the frequently asked questions section of our Terms and Conditions.

Here’s how to activate the service:

  1. Go to our activation page and click Click here to activate.
  2. Log in to your account when prompted.
  3. Click Visit the refund request page to get started with Return Shipping on Us.
If you don’t have a PayPal account just click the Sign Up for Free button on the activation page to get started.

How do I request Return Shipping on Us?
To qualify for Return Shipping on Us, please return the purchased item to the seller within the required timeframe and retain your postage receipt and documentation as outlined within the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Click Activity and locate the transaction for the item you have returned.
  2. Click the transaction and then click Request a refund on return shipping link.
  3. Select the category and return reason from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select how you've paid for your shipping. If you've paid for it yourself, upload the requested documents.
  5. Enter the return shipping cost and currency used.
  6. Enter the date of the return using the calendar tool.
  7. Indicate that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
  8. Click Submit.
After submitting the request, you'll receive an email confirming the open request. A second email will confirm the outcome of your request.

Here's how you can view the refund status of your return shipping request:
  1. Click View past return shipping requests under “Return shipping refunds.”
  2. View the current status of your request.

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