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What information do I need to provide to confirm my charity status?

To get the discounted charity rate for your organization, we need to confirm your charity account. 

To confirm your charity with PayPal right away, add your charity bank account. If we're unable to link your bank account, we'll need some information about you and your charity to complete the confirmation process.

You can benefit from lower transaction rates, expand your donor network, and more as a confirmed charity.

You can begin the confirmation process on our Charities page. You'll need to provide information to prove that:

  • Your organization is legally registered with the appropriate regulatory body
  • You are a representative of that organization

Once confirmed as a charity, your charity can access various PayPal products such as PayPal Giving Fund, Give at Checkout, and more.

How is this account information used?

We use these documents to verify that the charity or nonprofit is registered and to ensure that we meet our regulatory requirements for the government. Donors also need to know that their money is going to a registered nonprofit organization. We also need to verify that the nonprofit is registered because of the nonprofit discounted fees.

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