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What does Virtual Terminal do when a customer's address can't be verified?

If an Address Verification System (AVS) error occurs during transaction processing, it might be due to out-of-date information in the database of the customer's credit card company. This can happen if the customer changed their address recently, because some credit card companies can take up to six months to update customer data.

By default, PayPal rejects a Virtual Terminal transaction if the AVS match result is C, E, N, or I. PayPal doesn't reject the transaction if the customer is international or if AVS is unavailable.

AVS Response Code Meaning Matched Details
A Address Address only (no ZIP code)
B International "A" Address only (no ZIP code)
C International "N" None
Note: The transaction is declined.
D International "X" Address and Postal Code
E Not allowed for MOTO (Internet/Phone) transactions Not applicable
Note: The transaction is declined.
F U.K.-specific "X" Address and Postal Code
G Global Unavailable Not applicable
I International Unavailable Not applicable
N No None
Note: The transaction is declined.
P Postal (International "Z") Postal Code only (no Address)
R Retry Not applicable
S Service Not Supported Not applicable
U Unavailable Not applicable
W Whole ZIP Nine-digit ZIP code (no Address)
X Exact match Address and 9-digit ZIP code
Y Yes Address and 5-digit ZIP code
Z ZIP Five-digit ZIP code (no Address)
All others Error Not applicable

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