Add PayPal to your existing checkout.

+46% higher checkout conversion with PayPal.¹

Adding PayPal is easy. It’s already built into all major e-commerce platforms, so you can start offering more ways to pay with PayPal, Pay Later, and Venmo today.

Boost business with the brand shoppers trust.

Brand recognition goes hand-in-hand with PayPal and helps give customers the confidence to buy. Our all-in-one solution offers PayPal, Venmo, and Pay Later options to help drive more sales.

Drive sales with Pay Later.

Allow customers to pay in installments with Pay in 4 and Pay Monthly² while you get paid up front, at no extra cost to your business. Pay Later helps increase cart size by 35%.³

Tap into over 90 million active Venmo accounts.⁴

Venmo helps attract millions of active users, and is already part of our all-in-one solution — at no additional cost. Appeal to Venmo users when you let them pay for purchases the same way they pay their friends.

PayPal complements your existing checkout.

PayPal is already built in to many popular e-commerce platforms. Adding it to your online shop is easy — and won’t disrupt your existing checkout solution.

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Available in thousands of existing business platforms, PayPal works seamlessly with the tools you use in your everyday business.

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