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Founders: Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate

Because of the widely recognized and trusted PayPal brand, we were able to get some of that credibility that we hadn’t yet built ourselves and also offer a really easy, smooth checkout for our customers. We’ve also had great support from PayPal in terms of marketing. PayPal has featured us on their social media channels and helped to boost brand awareness by showing Afrocenchix to a wider audience.

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The Bullpen
Co-Owned by Mitch and Tai Fauci

Through PayPal Working Capital, we were able to open a second location and soon, we’ll be opening a third location. Using PayPal for all of our online selling and using PayPal Working Capital made using PayPal Zettle feel like a no brainer. I feel confident in it as a point-of-sale solution for us because I've been confident in PayPal for a long time.

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Pro Sup Shop
Jennifer Kirkley

My advice for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business is to do something that you care about and have passion for.

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