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Terms & Conditions

Visa UK and PayPal with FIFA World Cup™ 2018 Competition - Terms and Conditions


  1. By entering this ‘Visa UK and PayPal with FIFA World Cup™ 2018 Competition’ (the “Competition”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”).
  2. The Competition is open to legal United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) residents who are aged 18 years or over. Employees and their immediate families (parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren) of Visa or PayPal, and anyone (including the Promoter's agents and suppliers) professionally connected with the Competition are not eligible to enter.
  3. Entrants must hold their own valid Visa card at the time of entry and make their Visa card their preferred and valid method of payment on PayPal for online purchases during the Competition Period (as defined below). Entrants must be individuals, not corporate entities, and are responsible for their Visa payments and PayPal payments as well as any terms and conditions with their card provider or bank. Entrants are responsible for any tax liabilities that arise in respect of their participation in this Competition and the receipt of any Prize under this Competition.
  4. The Promoter reserves the right to seek verification that an entry was eligible and validate the winning entry to award the Prize under these Terms. If, in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion, a winner is found to be ineligible, the Promoter reserves the right to award their Prize to another entrant and to require the return of any Prize already awarded, at its sole discretion and such winner will be disqualified.
  5. There will be 6 (Six) separate winners of the Prize (as defined below). They will all be drawn at once at the end of the Competition Period.
  6. The Competition opens at 10:00am (GMT) on 13th June 2018 (the “Opening Time”) and the closing time for receipt of entries is at 23:59pm (GMT) on 2 nd July 2018 (the “Closing Time”).
  7. For the purposes of this Competition, the period between the Opening Time and the Closing Time for the Draw shall be referred to as the “Competition Period”.


  1. To enter the Competition, entrants must:
    • i. have a valid Visa card;
    • ii. Click the “Set your preferred way to pay” button on the promotion landing page and by doing so accept these terms and conditions
    • iii. Set their Visa card as their preferred and valid method of payment on PayPal for online purchases during the Competition Period.
  2. A valid Visa card must be made as the entrant’s preferred method of payment on PayPal to enter the Competition, irrespective of the mechanism of entry.
  3. All entrants must have a PayPal account, that entrant must not be in breach of PayPal’s User Agreement at any time and their PayPal account must be in good standing at all times.
  4. Entrants will be automatically entered when they have:
    • i. clicked the ‘Set your preferred way to pay’ button on the landing page, accepting these terms and conditions,
    • ii. set their preferred way to pay on PayPal for online purchases to be a valid Visa card.
    No notification will be given at this point that the competition has been entered
  5. There is a maximum of 1 entry per person.
  6. All entries must be made by the person entering the Competition. Anyone trying to circumvent this rule by using alternative details will be disqualified from this Competition. Bulk entries made from trade, consumer groups or third parties will not be accepted. If it becomes apparent that a participant is using a computer(s) to circumvent this condition by, for example, the use of ‘script’, ‘brute force’ or any other automated means, that person’s entries will be disqualified and any Prize award will be void. Syndicated entries or those made using methods such as a computer macro, script or the use of automated devices or processes are not allowed and all such entries will be disqualified and any Prize won will be null and void. In the event that the Competition is subject to any form of multiple entry activity or other abuse, either as described above or by way of other mechanisms, the Promoter reserves the right to include additional fields on the entry page of the Competition’s website. Such added fields will only require entrants to provide verification information that they are obliged to retain under these Terms to claim any Prize.
  7. Entries made by anyone found to be using multiple accounts for the purpose of entering this Competition will be disqualified.


  1. Upon expiry of the Competition Period, a draw will be held on 9 th July 2018 (the “Draw”). During the Draw potential winners will be drawn at random using a secure, independently verified computer-based programme under independent supervision.
  2. Six (6) Winners will be selected at random from all eligible Website Entries to receive the Prize. Incomplete entries and entries which do not satisfy the requirements of these Terms will be disqualified and will not be counted.
  3. The Winners will be notified (“Notification”) of their potential win (subject to verification) by PayPal via email (“Notification Email”) and via a telephone call from PayPal, the Promoter or its agent, Bright Blue Day (“Notification Call”) within 48 hours of them being selected in accordance with clauses 15 and 16. Potential winners will require a valid email address, phone number and be a UK resident. Entrants who have not won will not receive notification that they have not won.
  4. The Winner’s response to the Notification Email claiming their Prize must be received within 10 days of the date of Notification. The Promoter may send reminder emails and call the Winner during this period in order to get a response to the Notification Email. The Notification shall be deemed to be received by the Winner on the date and at the time that it has been sent by the Promoter.
  5. If any Winner:
    • a) is not able, for any reason, to accept or claim the Prize;
    • b) cannot be contacted at the end of the 10 day Notification period; does not respond to the Promoter’s request for confirmation of that Winner’s postal address within 10 days of the Winner confirming acceptance of the Prize;
    • C) does not provide a complete form where the evidence of Proof by PayPal can be substantiated in accordance with these Terms within 7 days of the Winner confirming acceptance of the Prize;
    • then the Promoter reserves the right to award the relevant Prize to another entrant (selected in the same way as the original Winner).
  6. The Promoter reserves the right to seek verification of eligibility to enter and receive a Prize under these Terms. If, in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion, a Winner is found to be ineligible for any reason, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify such Winner and award their Prize to another entrant (in accordance with the procedure outlined in this Section C), and to require the return of any Prize already awarded, at its sole discretion.
  7. In the event that the Promoter decides (in accordance with these Terms) that the Prize will be awarded to substitute Winner(s), such substitute Winner(s) will receive a Notification in accordance with clause 17. The substitute Winner must complete the claim within 7 days of receiving Notification.


  1. There are 6 Prizes for the Competition (“Prize”).
  2. The Prize is a FIFA World Cup™ Party in a Box
  3. Each Prize includes:
    • 50” Hisense 4K Ultra HD Smart TV;
      • Xbox One X with controller;
      • FIFA 18 game;
      • FIFA World Cup™ miniature trophy, mascot, bunting, skills football;
      • 5 official national football shirts;
      • 5 pairs of sunglasses; and
      • Giant supporter flag, country-themed balloons
    The Prize is as described above and no cash or alternative Prize is available. The Prize is non-transferrable and non-refundable.


  1. So far as is permitted by law, the Promoter and its associated companies and agents exclude responsibility and all liabilities arising from:
    • i. any postponement or cancellation of the Competition. In the event of the Prize being unavailable Visa reserves the right to substitute it for one of equal or greater value. Any substitution will be within the entire discretion of Visa. In the event the Winner does not accept the substitution they will forfeit their right to the Prize; and/or
    • ii. any changes to, supply of (including, without limitation, where the Prize does not reach the intended recipient), cancellation of or use of the Prize; and/or
    • iii. any act or default of any third-party supplier
    The Promoter will not be held liable to any participant for any fraud committed by any third party, the performance of any contractual or other obligations of any third parties associated with the Prize nor for any events beyond its control.
  2. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for entries not received, not delivered, incomplete, indecipherable, or not in accordance with the entry instructions. No responsibility will be accepted for any entries that are delayed or that are unable to be sent due to lack of network coverage, operator error, or for any other reasons beyond its control. Promoter must receive an entry for it to be valid – proof of sending entries will not constitute deemed entry.
  3. FIFA is not responsible for the administration of the Competition and is not liable for anything arising out of this Competition or the fulfilment of any prizes. On the same basis, PayPal is not responsible for the administration of the Competition and is not liable for anything arising out of this Competition or the fulfilment of any prizes.
  4. Nothing in these Terms in any way limit the Promoter (or any other person’s or organisation’s) liability for (i) fraud, or (ii) death or personal injury caused by its own negligence.


  1. The Promoter's decision is final and binding in all matters relating to the Competition.
  2. The Promoter reserves (in its sole discretion and so far as is legally permissible) the right to verify, using all reasonable means available to it, whether an entrant is eligible and/or whether a winning entry is valid. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms or of the spirit of the Competition, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept an entry and, if necessary, re-allocate any Prize won in accordance with the procedure outlined at Section C.
  3. Participants will retain copyright in their Entries but by entering the Competition hereby grant the Promoter and its agents an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to edit, alter, store, publish, sub-license and use each Entry, or any part(s) thereof, in any media (including without limitation on the Website, on, in media belonging to third parties or otherwise) for Competitional, publicity and commercial purposes and/or to exploit or adapt any of the ideas contained within it, regardless of whether or not the Entry wins a Prize (although nothing in these Terms or otherwise obliges Visa to use such materials in any way), in each case without any obligation on Visa (or other entity) to give any payment or acknowledgement to the participant. This licence is granted on an exclusive basis: by entering, the participant confirms they have not granted any rights in any element(s) of their Entry to any third party and will not do so. Participants also hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive any and all moral and similar rights vesting in their Entries and undertake to execute all such documents as are reasonably required by Visa to perfect or confirm the rights granted in these Terms.
  4. The name and county of the Winner may be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to ‘PayPal with Visa UK ‘PayPal Party FIFA World Cup™ 2018 Competition’, Bright Blue Day, Parkway House, 26 Avenue Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5SL.
  5. The Promoter reserves the right to terminate or temporarily suspend this Competition in the event of technical or other difficulties that might compromise its integrity but will always endeavour to minimise the effect on participants.
  6. In administering this Competition, the Promoter may collect personal information from entrants. The Promoter will comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable data privacy laws and it will only use entrants' information for the purposes of the administration of this Competition and in accordance with Visa Europe's Privacy Statement and any preferences expressed by entrants during the Competition entry process. Please see Visa Europe’s Privacy Statement at for more details.
  7. Whenever an entrant submits any information to the Promoter, please be aware that the Promoter may store and process this information in different countries from where the entrant resides, including in the US. Please note that these countries may have different laws and requirements about privacy and data use than where the entrant is resident. If the Promoter processes or transfers any personal information of an entrant outside the European Economic Area, the Promoter will do so in full compliance with EU data privacy laws
  8. In the event of unforeseen circumstances outside its reasonable control, and where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to modify these Terms prior to the Closing Time.
  9. Visa Europe Limited (other than in respect of any liability for negligence causing death or personal injury) are not liable for anything arising out of this Competition and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered or sustained as a result of participation in the Competition or acceptance of the Prize.
  10. This Competition, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. You irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this Competition.
The Promoter is: Visa Europe Limited. 1 Sheldon Square, London W2 6TT
© Copyright Visa Europe 2018. All rights reserved.

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