Your data is precious.
We treat it that way.

At PayPal, we handle your data with care. Here’s how we use and protect your information – and help keep you in control.

Updating you. Supporting you.

We keep you updated about your account and payment activity to help protect your business. We do this by sending notifications, such as transaction receipts and confirmation of changes to your account. These are necessary and can’t be switched off but, in some cases, you can choose how you receive them – via email or SMS. Our terms and conditions updates can only be sent by email.

We also send emails with updates that may interest you and address your business needs. You’ll receive news on our products and services plus offers from PayPal and our partners. We may also invite you to take part in surveys to help us improve your PayPal experience. You can manage which of these updates you receive.

Your privacy. Our priority.

At PayPal, we’re committed to being clear about the information we hold about you and your business and how we use it, and to making it easy for you to manage it at any time.


Details like your name, email address, home address, phone number and government-issued ID help us to confirm who you are. Regulation requires at least one named individual to be responsible for the account – so that we can deliver world-class payment services.


Fundamental business information such as company address, tax and business registration numbers, and legal entity status are required for account set-up, fraud protection, and regulatory compliance. Additional details like business type, industry, and annual sales revenue help us to better understand your business needs so that we can offer you more relevant services and promotions.


Adding a funding source, such as a debit or credit card or bank account to your PayPal business account can enable your business to receive or send money more easily. It also lets you take advantage of additional services, such as PayPal Invoicing.

Greater insight. Greater control.

Manage what you share, how it’s used, and what you receive from us.
When you want to see, change, or delete information stored on your business account – or even transfer it to another online payment provider – simply contact us.

Your business. Your interests.

You might see PayPal ads when you’re online. These appear because the data you share with us tells us which PayPal products, services and promotions are most relevant to your business. We use cookies on our site to recognise your interests in order to show you relevant content or ads on PayPal and other sites.

We may also use the email address registered to your account to show you ads in other online accounts that use that same address, such as social media. Your business data allows us to better understand your needs – for example, if you’re looking to offer a greater range of payment methods or want to expand internationally. All of this enables us to show you more relevant ads on the PayPal site and in your other accounts. We call this interest-based marketing and you can control this at any time.

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Stay informed.

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law across Europe. The way we treat your data, and the control we aim to give you over the way it’s used, is consistent with the principles of the GDPR. We are taking this opportunity to enhance our customer experience and will continue to update you on any changes to our User Agreement and Privacy Statement.

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