Sign up for a PayPal business account.


Get QuickBooks and install the ”Accept Payments with PayPal” app.


Email invoices from QuickBooks with PayPal “Pay now” buttons to get paid faster.

Your complete online accounting solution.

When you connect QuickBooks with your PayPal account, you can create and send customised invoices quickly, and your customers can pay you in minutes. Accepting Payments with PayPal ensures your QuickBooks invoice payments and transaction fees are recorded and categorised automatically to your books. So there will be no need for manual entry.

How it works.

  1. Create and send your invoice in QuickBooks and select the “Accept payment with PayPal” option.
  2. Upon receipt of your invoice, your customer just has to click on the “Pay now” button, and after completing a very short form to submit their payment, the money will be on its way to you.
  3. The payment will appear in your PayPal account within minutes. The invoice is marked as paid in QuickBooks and an expense is created to account for the PayPal payment fees.

Simple invoice pricing.

It's free to send invoices, you’ll just pay 2.90% + £0.30 per paid invoice.
See more details at the UK fees page.

Get paid faster with PayPal and QuickBooks.

Get up to 60% off QuickBooks.

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*Galaxy Research study, September 2015

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