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Get started with Express Checkout

Once you've signed up to Express Checkout, you just need to add it to your website to allow your customers to check out in three easy clicks so more of them complete the purchase.

There are two ways to add Express Checkout so have a look at the options below, decide which one is best for you, then just follow the instructions on how to get started.

Checkout Options - Through a Partner

Minimal technical knowledge required

A quick and cost-effective way to add Express Checkout to your website is through one of our recommended partners. We work with a range of payment gateway and shopping cart providers who are pre-integrated with PayPal.

How to add Express Checkout through a partner

  • Choose a recommended payment gateway or shopping cart provider, or check our list of recommended partners to see if your current provider already has PayPal integrated.
  • Follow the instructions on how to enable PayPal through your chosen partner.
  • Complete a test transaction.

More Information

What are shopping carts?Shopping cart providers allow online customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase, placing products in a virtual shopping cart and paying the total at checkout.Choose a shopping cart

What are payment gateways?A payment gateway is a service that authorises payments for online retailers. It’s the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets.Choose a gateway

Already have an ecommerce provider?See if they work with PayPal

Checkout Options - Custom Integration

Advanced technical knowledge required

If you have technical expertise and experience in API programming, then you can choose to integrate Express Checkout yourself. We have easy-to-follow integration guides, extensive web resources for developers and our Sales integration team are available to help on 0844 338 0470.

To start your custom integration of Express Checkout:

  1. Click the button below to see our integration guides
  2. Follow the instructions to integrate Express Checkout
  3. Complete a test transaction
See Integration Guide

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You’ll just pay 2.90% + £0.30 per transaction. See more details at the UK fees page.