Quick pay means quicker play

No one likes fumbling with the controller or pausing for payments. With PayPal, you can stay in the action and make quick and secure payments for downloads, subs, tips, in-game purchases and more.

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Secure payments for smart gamers

Video gaming is thrilling, entertaining and rewarding. Pausing play to enter payment information is just plain frustrating. That’s why thousands of gamers choose PayPal to download, subscribe, tip and much more. You can even pay without a credit card, simply login with your username and password and you’ll be GTG.

How to create an account with PayPal


Join PayPal for free. All you need is an email address and a password.


Securely link your bank accounts and/or debit cards, and credit cards.


Set PayPal as your payment method for subscriptions as well as during checkout to quickly get back to the action.

No pausing for payments

PayPal payments are fast. No searching for your wallet or punching in long card numbers. With PayPal you can stay logged in and checkout fast.

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One account, many places to play

Like most serious gamers, you’ve probably got multiple subscriptions to different platforms. Manage your payments in one secure account by setting PayPal as your payment method for all accounts.

You shouldn't have to worry or wonder if you can trust a purchase

With 24/7 fraud detection monitoring, Paypal helps keep your purchases secure so that you can keep your head in the game.

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Pay quickly, play endlessly.

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