Get paid quicker with PayPal Invoicing.

Send professional PayPal invoices that customers can pay via PayPal or card.

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Why it matters

You can get paid quickly and easily with our online invoices

What you can do now

It’s easy to start issuing invoices now. You can also download our new Excel application to create, send, and manage invoices from the comfort of Excel.

Who’s it for

Any merchant that needs to send online invoices

Get paid quicker.

PayPal Invoicing is a free professional tool that enables you to create and send detailed invoices in minutes. It’s worth knowing about because it helps many businesses to get paid faster: your customers receive an email from PayPal, and it links them to the invoice where they can pay with their PayPal account. They can also pay by credit or debit card, so they don’t even need a PayPal account to pay you.

PayPal Invoicing is a great way to get paid quickly and more efficiently – and it’s now available as a time-saving app for Excel. You can create, send and manage all of your invoices right from Excel without needing to visit the PayPal site. And there’s no extra cost from PayPal; you pay the normal PayPal fee when you receive the payment. There are no monthly fees, cancellation fees or any other hidden costs.

Please note that PayPal Invoicing for Excel is available with Excel for Office 2013/365 only. You may need to upgrade your version of Office to take advantage.

Make it easy for customers to pay – provide easy-to-understand line items and totals on your invoices so it’s quicker for your customers to review and pay. Customers also see a Pay button that they can hit as soon as they receive the invoice.

Create invoices quickly and easily – simply fill out the invoice and save up to 50 invoice templates and up to 100 items for future use.

Track payments – quickly find which invoices are paid and send reminders for those that aren’t. You can also record cash or cheque payments when needed.

Many ways to send invoices – in addition to the web, you can send invoices from Excel or on your mobile phone using PayPal Heretm

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Is this different to Request Money?

Yes. Request Money is a simple tool that enables you to request payment from anyone for just about anything (for example, a simple reminder for a personal loan or a one-off payment request for a service provided). PayPal invoicing is a professional product designed for business. You can add your logo, provide detailed line items and take advantage of many more professional invoicing features that you don’t get with Request Money.