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Supercharge your business and get the best of both from Zettle – now by PayPal. The Zettle card reader is quick to set up, simple to use and protected by the high standards of security that you know from PayPal. There’s a one-off cost for the reader and no monthly fees – just a small charge per transaction.

Why choose the Zettle Reader?

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It’s fast
Take payments in less than 10 seconds – and under 5 seconds if it’s contactless**. Just turn it on, and you’ll be able to serve customers faster than you can say “Have a nice day”.

It’s easy
Sign-in with your PayPal business account, order the Zettle Reader and start accepting payments as early as the next day***. Everytime you make a sale, it lands in your PayPal account.

It’s secure
With Zettle, you’re as safe in-store as you are online. Our state-of-the-art encryption protects your transactions, while the card reader’s security features prevent anyone from tampering with the device.

It’s reliable
With near-instant Bluetooth pairing and extended battery life, Zettle Reader is compact and light – but also robust enough to handle the wear and tear of any busy workday.


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No set up, fixed or monthly fees

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Zettle Reader
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Transaction fee
for credit and debit cards

Beyond the card reader: A complete point-of-sale setup

Smarter tools
The complete solution for your business to take in-person payments, with hardware accessories that put you on par with big players.

Faster setup
The free Point-of-Sale app is easy to use and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Advanced technology
All the software and hardware you need to accept payments wherever you work.

Increasing sales
Helps you to increase sales and build your business through fast and easy card payments.

Better tracking
Manage your inventory and track sales using the app.

Real-time analysis
Reporting and data to help you keep track of your top sellers and store keepers.

Zettle and PayPal – trusted by businesses

The time that I am now saving with Zettle has meant that I have been able to grow the business in other areas that I was having to spend time on.

Emma Bee,
The Lifestyle Shop

Lots of people comment on the portable reader, calling it a ‘cute gadget’. It suits my salon perfectly.

Nabeelah Almulad,
The Hairboutique By Nabeelah

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