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PayPal is an easy way to accept payments in 202 countries. As soon as you get started you can open up a balance in 25 currencies and convert and withdraw funds instantly*. We also recently expanded our Seller Protection Policy to make international selling even safer. If you are thinking of expanding overseas, this might just be the perfect time to consider the opportunity.

Cracking the world’s biggest ecommerce markets

PayPal and Google have provided data on cross-border sales to give you some unique insights into the three largest ecommerce economies – USA, China and Germany.

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Use global insights to inform your business decisions.

To help local businesses like yours expand your global sales, we’ve developed PassPort. This free online resource is packed with lots of useful country-by-country data, from seasonal sales peaks and cultural customs, to shipping logistics and customs procedures – and much more.

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Tips on how to sell successfully abroad

It’s not rocket science, but there are a few things you need to know about selling abroad. We’ve pulled together some tips on what you need to do – from accepting payments to delivery solutions and delivering great customer service.

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