Cracking the world’s biggest ecommerce markets

Retailers in the UK are world-leaders in exporting goods and services bought online. Written with OC&C Strategy consultants, our report looks at PayPal and Google data on cross-border sales – and will help you to do business in three fast-moving markets.

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Why it matters

It’s a great opportunity to grow your business

What you can do now

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Who it’s for

All merchants who want to reach new markets

The big three

Apart from the UK, the USA, China and Germany have the most potential for your business. Collectively, these four ecommerce markets will double in size to £645bn by 2018.

Taking the chance

If your business doesn’t export abroad already, ecommerce is a great way of growing. Our ‘6 essentials to win’ show it doesn’t have to be very risky.

Strategies for success

PayPal has found that to succeed in international ecommerce, retailers will need to deepen customer relationships, support local payments and become better at fulfilling orders.