5 steps that can boost conversions by over 3%.

Make these simple changes to how PayPal is presented on your site and you can boost conversions by 3.48% on average.

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paypal safety-and-protection

Open your doors to millions of international customers.

We’ve teamed up with a great range of partners to provide all the tools and information you need to help your business grow in new markets.

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paypal safety-and-protection

A safer place to buy and sell.

Improvements to PayPal Seller and Buyer Protection.

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get paypal business account

Do more with your day.

Use the new PayPal business dashboard to carry out daily tasks more quickly and get on with managing your business.

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PayPal Here

Take card payments on the go.

Get the PayPal Heretm card reader and free mobile app to accept payments wherever you do business.

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PayPal invoicing

Get paid quicker with PayPal Invoicing.

Send professional PayPal invoices to your customers, complete with your logo and a PayPal payment button.

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login with PayPal

Convert more customers.

Use Login with PayPal to reduce customer drop off and achieve better checkout conversion.

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