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Help convert more visits into sales.

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Why it matters

You can reduce customers leaving your site at registration or sign-in by asking if they would prefer to use their PayPal password

What you can do now

Follow our Simple integration steps

Who’s it for

Any merchant with a customer login page or My Account experience

Convert more visits into sales

Did you know that 45% of customers* leave a site when they can’t remember their password? Login With PayPal can help you solve that problem by letting your customers use their familiar PayPal identity to log on to your site or create an account.

With over million PayPal account active globally, there’s a good chance that providing a PayPal registration option could help you reduce drop off and boost sales.

Don’t worry about losing control – when your customers Login With PayPal they consent to share their profile information and we share that with you immediately.

Please note, some simple integration is required if you take advantage of this service.

Make life easier for customers – visitors can skip your registration forms and only need to remember their PayPal password to logon to your site and start buying

Tap into a new shopping experience – shoppers stay logged in with you for up to eight hours even if they visit different sites

Help to increase conversions and sales – it’s quick and easy for your customers, and you stand a much better chance of converting their visits into sales

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* Source: Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration and Social Sign-in, Blue Inc. 2011.

Is this the same as PayPal Checkout?

No, there is a difference. Login With PayPal is a login and identity service that enhances the login and account registration experience you provide to your customers. PayPal Checkout is a different service that you can add to your checkout to let customers buy in three clicks. Use them together to make buying a really quick and easy experience for your customers.