Make sure you’re prepared for the Second Payment Services Directive

We’re ready for Strong Customer Authentication and here to help you upgrade your online checkout.

What is PSD2?

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

3-D Secure (3DS)

There are 3 types of form factors:


Knowledge: Something you know such as a password.


Possession: Something you have such as a one-time code generated by a security token or access through a trusted device, such as an SMS.


Inherence: Something that you are and is unique to you, such as a voice or fingerprint.

Card issuers will need to start declining payments that require SCA and are not able to do so via 3D Secure. SCA enforcement is expected to come in gradually, but businesses can expect the first banks to start declining payments without 3D-Secure authentication from September 2020.

What do I need to do?

If you’re an online business accepting payments with PayPal, just select your solution below and we’ll help you become regulation-ready – so you can continue to accept quick, easy and secure payments.

PayPal Pro hosted
PayPal Pro direct

You’ll need to update. Here’s why:

Here’s what to do:

3DS installation: technology partner option

If your business website is through a technology partner, it may have a 3DS authentication option you can enable. Please contact your platform or shopping cart provider to discuss their options.


What if my website platform provider is not on the drop-down list above?

Please contact your website provider directly to get an update.

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