Transforming the future of utilities.

There are big changes ahead for utilities. With Ofgem’s new price cap and Ofwat’s continuing focus on best-in-class customer experiences, customers have more reason than ever to shop around. Utility companies need to act fast to boost customer acquisition and protect themselves against churn.

Do more for your business.

Cut collection costs.

Grow on-time payments with more payment options (from cards and digital wallets to, alternative payment methods) and drive improved approval rates (9.1 percentage points better, to be precise).1

Drive customers online.

Reduce customer service costs and help improve customer retention with the self-service experience your customers and regulators demand.

Streamline operations.

Drive efficiencies with pay outs (no more cheques), automatic reconciliation, robust easy to use reporting and servicing, all in one payment platform.

Strengthen data security.

Navigate your PCI compliance requirements by integrating with PayPal. Help reduce the risk of fraud with our advanced data-decisioning capabilities alongside a proprietary mix of data, models and tools.

PayPal works with some of the largest utility companies worldwide.

Meet customer expectations.

With 25% of consumers planning to switch suppliers2 utility providers need to proactively respond with more customer-centric and digital experiences to limit churn and its associated costs.

As the preferred online payment option for UK consumers3 and the brand they trust to keep their payments secure,4 PayPal can help you stand out from the crowd and deliver the best-in-class payments experience.

26% of consumers that do not pay online would start paying online for utilities if PayPal was available.5

PayPal propels Simply Energy forward.

Australia’s Simply Energy has enjoyed win after win since migrating to PayPal’s suite of payment services. Improved operational efficiencies, improved Net Promoter Score (NPS) and improved visibility are just a few of the benefits PayPal has delivered for Simple Energy and their customers.

“Payments are a key moment of truth for our customers. Making it easy is an absolute priority.”

Allison Dorogok, GM of Customer Experience and Growth, Simply Energy

Enable new revenue streams.

Help power strategic partnerships and get help to go to market faster with new products and service offerings. Reach more than 12 million potential new UK-based customers with targeted co-marketing campaigns.

Start today. Win tomorrow.

Discover 7 ways PayPal helps utility companies meet customer expectations today. Learn how we can help you:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
  • Grow your customer base
  • Drive efficiencies across your business
  • Tighten security without sacrificing customer experiences
  • Protect your bottom line

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