trend-watchingThink Forward: The Commerce Report.

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It’s time to Think Forward.

As advances in technology change the face of commerce, consumer behaviour and expectations are changing at a faster rate than ever before. To help enterprises thrive through these changes, PayPal has teamed up with leading consumer trend analyst company TrendWatching to investigate what we can expect on the commerce horizon over the next five years.

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Are you ready for Conscious Commerce?

Consumers around the world are asking for brands to lead the way to sustainable consumption. They actively seek brands making a difference and focusing in on environmental and social responsibility in their business practices, processes and products.

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The growth of Conscious Commerce.

The repercussions of the pandemic, combined with renewed calls for social equity and environmental responsibility have led to the rise of purpose-driven consumers who choose products and brands based on how well they align to their values.

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Consumers are forecast to spend $353.9B
on secondhand purchases by 2030.1

Think Forward: The Commerce Report.

Discover the latest trends and learn:

  • How reCommerce is rising
  • Local principles around conscious commerce
  • Where consumers are leading businesses over the next five years

Download the first report, Conscious Commerce


Discover the impact of conscious commerce.

Conscious consumers

Conscious consumerism is challenging traditional business models. Get to know this new breed of customers.

Resale resurgence

The resale market is growing 11 times faster than traditional retail and predicted to be worth $84B by 2030.2

Conscious contradictions

Consumers are focused on the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, but they still want things now.


of European shoppers now tend to choose products that are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly 3

Let’s focus on the future of your business.

Connect with us to find out more about PayPal’s enterprise solutions and how we can help your business meet the expectations of tomorrow’s conscious consumers.

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1 The Reuse Report: The growth of the resale economy, October 2021
2 thredUp, 2021 Resale Report, June 2021
3 Online survey commissioned by PayPal and conducted by Maru/Matchbox between September 6th and September 13th, 2021, among 13, 011 participants in Europe.

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