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    Comic Book Guys choose PayPal

    Aug 05 2019
    In 2014, Aaron Flanagan and his brother Austin founded the Comic Book Guys store. Based in Belfast when the decision came to choose a payment processor, Aaron turned to PayPal.


    Marketing: How do you connect with customers?

    May 30 2019
    Being a small business owner is the very definition of “wearing many hats.” On any given day (or even within the same hour), you’re the marketing guru, the IT director, the office manager, the customer service rep … and the list goes on.


    9 facts about UK mobile shoppers

    May 29 2019
    Mobile is the device of choice for British consumers. In fact, total UK retail sales for mobile commerce are estimated to reach over £49 billion in 2019. Are you sure you’re getting your share?


    Funding Business Growth

    May 21 2019
    When you run a growing business, cash is king. Without cash in the bank, you can’t pay your bills or buy more stock to sell. Learn what “working capital” is all about and the latest solution from PayPal.

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