Make the most of yourfreelance life with PayPal.

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Be a globally trusted business.

PayPal is globally recognized as trusted and secure, your customers have more confidence in your business when you use us.
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Withdraw funds easily in CNY.

With a few simple steps, accept 26 different currencies and withdraw CNY online through our local partner. Your funds will be in your bank account in as little as 2 days.
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All in one account.

A single PayPal account lets you accept credit and debit cards, in over 26 currencies, from anywhere in the world.
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Always easy.

From keeping track of funds and transactions, to sending out payment reminders for outstanding invoices, PayPal handles it all for you.

Freelancers payments made easy.

Whether you list services on freelancer platforms or bill clients directly, accepting global payments has never been easier.

Get paid without a website

Get paid easily by email

Get paid easily by email

All you need to know is your customer’s email address. You can send them a simple payment request or a professional invoice with your company logo.
Get paid with PayPal.Me, protect your privacy

Get paid with PayPal.Me, protect your privacy

Our brand new PayPal.Me gives you a new way of getting paid with a link. Share your link on social media platforms and protect your privacy.

Get paid on a website

Add PayPal buttons to your website

Add PayPal buttons to your website

Want more revenue? Turn your website into a global sales channel by enabling online payments and orders.

Find more work online.

PayPal is accepted and trusted by top freelance marketplaces for businesses that frequently outsource services.

“PayPal is an essential payment option for freelancers.”

Cheng Chao, a freelancer

Features and benefits at a glance.

Accept 26 currencies and withdraw to your bank in CNY

Seller Protection for fraudulent claims and chargebacks

Accept international credit and debit cards or PayPal balance where applicable

24/7 account monitoring and fraud prevention

Mobile-optimized experiences

English and Mandarin-speaking local customer support hotline

Business analytics and reporting dashboard


Added support brings greater success.

From eCommerce solutions to service providers, PayPal connects you with key partners that help your business grow.


Get your online store up and running quickly with Ueeshop.

Start quickly on your online store with Ueeshop’s beautiful ready-to-use templates with multi-language support and SEO optimization capabilities.
Google AdWords

Advertise with Google AdWords

Google and its authorized AdWords resellers provide English keyword-based ads to help cross-border trade businesses expand their reach overseas. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or calls you.
Google AdWords

Reach customers with Facebook

You can display customized information on your Facebook page according to your customers’ interests. Analytics tools help you know your customers better and develop targeted marketing campaigns. Facebook now has over 50 million small business pages.

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