Safeguard your business with Seller Protection.

PayPal Seller Protection safeguards you against unauthorized transactions and item not received claims. So you can sell more while staying protected.

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Stay protected at all times.

Be it apparel, toys or electronics – Seller Protection safeguards your eligible transactions by reimbursing you the full payment amount.

Sell with confidence

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your eligible transactions are protected against fraudulent claims.

Minimum risk

We protect you against unauthorised payments, reversals due to fraud and items not received claims.

Keep more of your profits

Your eligible sales are protected, saving your business from any lost revenue and time.

How Seller Protection works.


If a buyer files a claim, chargeback or payment reversal, we’ll place a temporary hold on the funds.


We’ll ask for proof of shipment or proof of delivery and fully investigate the matter.


The funds will be made available to you once we have confirmed that your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection.

What’s covered.

  • Tangible goods that can be shipped, such as apparel, toys, electronics
  • You receive the full amount through a single payment via PayPal from a buyer’s PayPal account. Direct card payments are not eligible
  • You post the item to the shipping address on the “Transaction Details” page
  • You post the item through a shipping/courier service and can provide Proof of Shipment or Proof of Delivery (where applicable)
See User Agreement for full details.

How to be eligible for Seller Protection

You will need to provide Proof of Shipment and Proof of Delivery. We suggest using a shipping or courier service that supports online tracking.

    In the case of “unauthorized transaction”
  • You need to provide Proof of Shipment
    In the case of “item not received” claims
  • For items less than USD$750 (or equivalent in other currencies), you need to provide Proof of Shipment.
  • For items USD$750 or more (or equivalent in other currencies), you need to provide Proof of Delivery.

“Seller Protection has reimbursed our losses from many transactions.”

–Richard Wei, founder of Laudtec, and Ju Ronggan, an eBay seller

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my transaction is eligible for Seller Protection?

The transaction must be marked by PayPal as eligible or partially eligible for PayPal Seller Protection on your Account “Transaction Details” page.

If it is marked “eligible”, protection for both “unauthorized transaction” and “item not received” will apply.

If it is marked “partially eligible”, protection for only “item not received” will apply.

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