Sell through multi-channels, PayPal helps you develop more global business opportunities.

Feel difficult to stand out in the e-commerce field? The single sales channel is really hard to satisfy the demands of profit growth?
It's time to start multi-channel sales! PayPal will escort you, helps you overcome difficulties, and build multi-channel sales!

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PayPal provides a collection of solutions that fits various business requests

Get paid on a website

If you want to have independent website, add PayPal to your website to provide customers with a simple and secure checkout method.

Get paid without a website

If your business does not depend on the website to run, you only need to have an email address to easily receive payments or pay suppliers.

Cross-border E-commerce White paper helps you overcome various difficulties.

Independent website is the main strategy for the transformation from e-commerce. Having an independent website means that you have your own user group, which is helpful to re-marketing and user analysis. In the long term, you can also build your own brand and enhance product value.


Easy to build up your station
One-stop solution for transformation problems


One account
Easy to receive payments world-wide.


Easy plan from Google export.
Search keyword ads.

PayPal provides solutions for transforming SMB into successful cross-border e-tailers

Seller protection

Leading anti-fraud technology and seller protection services provide risk protection when receiving overseas payments

Partner services

Helping SMB to grow by providing solutions for web design, overseas marketing and promotion, and logistics and storage


PayPal webinar provides various live streaming courses to let you learn more about the information frontier of foreign trade and obtain PayPal's exclusive foreign trade instruction.

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