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Give overseas clients greater confidence in you when you use PayPal – the trusted worldwide payments solution.

Give overseas clients greater confidence in you when you use PayPal – the trusted worldwide payments solution.

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Be a globally trusted  business.

PayPal is globally recognized as trusted and secure, your customers have more confidence in your business when you use us.

Get direct and immediate  payments.

For a quick way to get paid, just enter the email address and amount from your PayPal account. Customers can also send you payments from their PayPal account with just your email address.

Sell globally, with  confidence.

PayPal Seller Protection policy safeguards eligible sales against fraudulent claims and chargebacks, so you can sell with confidence.

Accept more payment types and  currencies.

Receive payments from credit and debit cards, in over 25 currencies, and withdraw funds in CNY from your bank account.

B2B payments made easy.

If you list on B2B marketplaces or sell goods directly overseas, it’s easy to get paid.

Get paid without a website

Get paid easily by email

Get paid easily by email

All you need to know is your customer’s email address. You can send them a simple payment request or a professional invoice with your company logo.
Get paid with PayPal.Me, protect your privacy

Get paid with PayPal.Me, protect your privacy

Our brand new PayPal.Me gives you a new way of getting paid with a link. Share your link on social media platforms and protect your privacy.

Get paid on a website

Add PayPal buttons to your website

Add PayPal buttons to your website

Want more revenue? Turn your website into a global sales channel by enabling online payments and orders.

“Your customers pay with confidence when you accept PayPal.”

Richard Wei, founder of Laudtec

Features and benefits at a glance.

  • Accept 25 currencies and withdraw to your bank in CNY
  • Accept international credit and debit cards or PayPal balance where applicable
  • Mobile-optimized experiences
  • Business analytics and reporting dashboard

  • Seller Protection for fraudulent claims and chargebacks
  • 24/7 account monitoring and fraud prevention
  • English and Mandarin-speaking local customer support service
  • PCI-compliant

Added support brings greater success.

From eCommerce solutions to service providers, PayPal connects you with key partners that help your business grow.

Business opportunities on HKTDC.

With over 1.6 million buyers and 20 million sales inquiries each year, HKTDC is one of Asia’s most effective B2B platforms. PayPal can help your business get listed on for free in 2016 (only limited slots available), and promoted in joint marketing campaigns on their site.

Get your online store up and running quickly with Ueeshop.

Start quickly on your online store with Ueeshop’s beautiful ready-to-use templates with multi-language support and SEO optimization capabilities.

Improve customer conversion with Ve.

Ve Interactive provides shopping cart optimization, conversion rate improvement and online remarketing services to online retailers. It has helped PayPal’s Chinese merchants to increase their conversion by 5% to 10%.

Papaya’s tailor made site building base on Shopify

PaPaya mobile is one of the top agency for FB in China, co-created site-building service with Shopify, effectively reduced building time and cost.

Helpful resources to grow your business.

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