Grow with the PayPal Partner Program.

If you provide eCommerce, marketing, or logistics and warehousing services, join our PayPal Partner Program to grow your reach and revenue.

If you provide eCommerce, marketing, or logistics and warehousing services, join our PayPal Partner Program to grow your reach and revenue.

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Expand into the global market.

As a PayPal Partner, both your client and your business can reach over 200 million PayPal users worldwide, vastly increasing sales potential.

Access to marketing opportunities.

Our One-Stop Solution portal lets you leverage joint marketing opportunities to promote your business internationally, as well as access a large database of targeted marketing resources.

Comprehensive technical support.

The PayPal Developer Portal provides detailed documentation, guides and SDKs to help you build your PayPal solutions, and you can always contact our dedicated team of PayPal technical experts for assistance.

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How PayPal helps your clients.

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Secure solutions for international payments.

PayPal helps your clients sell across the world with convenient, more secure solutions for multiple forms of payments.
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Customer trust that improves sales.

As a global payments solutions leader, PayPal is trusted and preferred by customers worldwide. Merchants who integrate PayPal report a 44% increase in their conversion rate.*
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24/7 security and protection.

Your client is covered by Seller Protection for eligible sales, and all transactions are protected by anti-fraud detection, 24/7 account monitoring and data encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PayPal Partner Program?

The PayPal Partner Program is a free membership program that creates opportunities for service providers to enjoy more business growth by leveraging on PayPal’s resources, expertise and network.

What are some services that are eligible for the PayPal Partner Program?

Any business that provides cross-border trade services such as eCommerce, marketplace, marketing, logistics and warehousing services is eligible. Contact our partner services specialist for more details.

If my company has an overseas branch, should I join the local Partner Program?

It depends on the country your business is located in. We have established partner services in major countries and regions around the world, and your business can benefit from the local support available. See our PayPal Partner Programs around the world.

Do PayPal Partners get profit sharing?

Yes, some PayPal Partners may be eligible for profit-sharing based on the transaction volume of your PayPal Business account and your business details.

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