Build local knowledge.

Consider local laws when you’re selling internationally, or you could lose customers, hurt your bottom line and create legal headaches.

Duties and taxes.

Having to pay customs duties, fees and taxes can be a big barrier to cross-border shopping*. So find out if items you’re selling will be affected in target markets – and let buyers know. Be sure they’re clear duties and taxes are their responsibility, and must be paid before they can collect their goods.

Inside the EU

Inside the EU

There are no customs or duty charges if you sell goods from the UK to elsewhere in the EU. That may change after the UK’s vote to leave the EU, but any changes could take a while to emerge. We’ll update this page when they do – so you can review your export and import strategies as duties, if needed.

Outside the EU

Outside the EU

Duties may be charged on some items and vary by country. Many international carriers offer the option to pay duties before an item ships, often called Delivery Duty Paid (DDP). Or customers can defer duty payment until it's received in-country, often called Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU).



The rules on VAT depend on your total sales into any particular country and whether your customer is also VAT registered. Check what rules apply to your business here.

Customs and regulations.

All international shipments must clear customs. Attach detailed customs forms to the outside of your package so its contents can be seen easily. Some shipping companies will handle this for you, and PayPal Global Sellers will too. Many countries use an international harmonised system to identify import goods and apply appropriate duties and customs fees. Don’t declare contents as ‘gifts’, as it’s against the law to misrepresent an item to avoid customs fees.

How to start exporting

Discover where to begin by visiting, the Market Access Database and the Department for International Trade.

Ready to ship?

Estimate the total cost of sending parcels globally with this global shipping calculator. Or see which customs forms you need to complete with help from Royal Mail.

Free trade agreements.

The European Union has free trade agreements in place with many countries around the world. These can help sellers reduce or remove tariffs for specific product categories.

Taking advantage of negotiated free trade rates may require more record keeping. But the extra effort could save you money if you plan to export to any participating countries.

Save yourself the hassle of customs forms.

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