• Online mobile shopping is big and growing fast. If you sell online, it's now essential to be mobile-friendly.
  • Today, nearly half of all UK online sales come via mobile device
  • To make the most of the mobile shopping opportunity, you need to keep conversation rates high
  • How to increase conversion

    Build a better user experience

    Mobile commerce has grown quickly, but the user experience has lagged. Mobile shoppers are frustrated by slow pages, tiny text and impossible inputs. This is particularly the case with mobile checkout, where customers struggle to type their card details into tiny touch screens.

    Protect Shoppers' security

    Security is a top concern for mobile shoppers and 2/3 say they don’t trust retailers with their payment and personal information. In addition, mobile shoppers are often in a public place juggling card and phone … or deciding not to make that purchase right now.

    Optimise your mobile checkout

    Checkout is the point where mobile shoppers’ 2 big concerns come together. Concerns over security collide with the difficulty of typing personal details into a small smartphone screen. Baskets will be abandoned unless your checkout is fast, simple and secure.

    How PayPal improves your mobile conversion

    PayPal mobile payments solutions are designed to improve conversion rates by simplifying the payment process, helping to reduce errors and increase conversion rates.

    Mini-guide to mobile conversion

    We've created a guide that could help you increase your mobile conversion.

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    Turn sixteen digits into One TouchTM

    One TouchTM enables customers to skip the PayPal login stage and go direct from the PayPal button to the Confirm button, making the checkout process as simple and convenient as possible.

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    Pay in just three clicks

    PayPal Checkout provides a fast-track payment option direct from the start of your shopping basket process

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