Online payments for local authorities made easy

PayPal and its partners can make payments for local authorities simpler, faster and safer – whether you’re taking them or making them.

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No monthly, setup or cancellation fees

Take payments with PayPal and unlock features that make it easier to improve cash flow, reduce risk, protect financial data and manage your time more effectively.

Get paid faster, make settlement easier

No more cash handling – start taking payments 24/7. See the money in your PayPal business account in minutes, and withdraw funds to a linked bank account daily.

Give customers more ways to pay

Don't miss out on a chance to get paid – PayPal lets your customers pay you with credit or debit cards, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.

Enjoy peace of mind

With advanced online and mobile fraud protection, PayPal uses the latest technology to safeguard financial information and take care of PCI compliance.

Find the time to focus

PayPal processes payments and produces reports for you. Enjoy the freedom to focus on crucial jobs that keep local government services running smoothly.

Accept payments with paypal logo + Civica logo

Civica is trusted by hundreds of local authorities around the UK to deliver payment solutions. In partnering with PayPal, Civica blends private and public sector expertise to deliver reliable and transformative innovations.

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