trend-watchingThink Forward: The Commerce Report

It’s time to Think Forward.

As advances in technology change the face of commerce, consumer behaviour and expectations are changing at a faster rate than ever before. To help enterprises thrive through these changes, PayPal has teamed up with leading consumer trend analyst company TrendWatching to investigate what we can expect on the commerce horizon over the next five years.

Report 1/ Conscious commerce

It’s time for retailers to lead the way to a better future.
Retailers that can bridge the intention-action gap while proving their worth and supporting consumers in their quest for purpose will reap the rewards in more ways than one. The trends in this report will help you in that quest in the coming year.

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Report 2/ The new buying & payment experience

Online shopping was supercharged by the pandemic.
What’s the secret to getting it right? From frictionless and seamless experiences, to omnichannel, there’s plenty of buzzwords when it comes to shopping online. In this report, explore key trends that are shaping the buying and payment experience, and discover how you can turn disruption into opportunity.

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Report 3/ The forever customer

Brand loyalty is evaporating.
For consumers looking for a good deal, fast delivery, or simply trying to find a product that’s in stock, it’s easier than ever to switch brands or providers. In 2022, the forever customer is no longer guaranteed. What’s your forever consumer strategy?

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Report 4/ Exploring the metaverse

Are you ready for experiential retail?
Immersive commerce is looking more and more mainstream by the day, and has the big ambition of becoming the standard buying experience. But how will this connection between human and digital in online shopping evoke the right emotions that makes people… shop?

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