A rewarding but also stressful job – Cross-border Freelancer

PayPal is having a Cross-Border Freelancer campaign. Go freelance, live life your own way!

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Freelancing is getting more popular every day - with no fixed working pattern and no commuting, your office can be everywhere. In the Internet age, our work and time are becoming more and more fragmented while the trend of "users" on the other hand is to gather together. Both sides of supply and demand have gained more freedom to make choices, and so operational efficiency has also improved. It is a work style with great appeal, where many people have found their calling.

And propelled by the Internet age, "cross-border freelancing" is turning into a new field of entrepreneurship.

But is freelancing really so "cool" and "free"? Not necessarily. To succeed against the competition, you need to handle the whole production chain by yourself. From pricing, through promotion, sales and upgrade to financial security, it is never easy.

So what exactly is freelancing? And why is it rewarding but also stressful? Today in our PayPal overseas trade support live online classroom, we have invited Cheng Chao, a cross-border freelancer with more than 10 years of experience, to share his story with you. He will share insights on the following topics:

  1. If freelancing is a game, then the right start-up direction will be key to winning the final victory.
  2. An important tool for raising your game is knowing how to get training in setting up a cross-border business
  3. Being unique is also very important - highlight your own advantages and provide a special product/service
  4. How to choose the appropriate channel/platform for business communication

Cheng Chao

  • The founder of SinoStep.com. Cheng has been working on cross-border trade for more than 10 years, specializing in market strategy consulting, cross-border market research, localization and brand marketing. He has already introduced several international brands into the Chinese market.
  • He is passionate about cross-border trade, and has succeeded in various business fields and modes, from the Internet, through cross-border consulting to import-export trade.
  • He is also an experienced user of international service platforms such as Upwork
His story began in 2003. That year, he decided to quit job in a overseas company and do something more fun and meaningful. From a small translation company to an international translation marketplace, from small product customization to cross-border e-commerce, from being an active Internet user to an online coach, he is now an international freelancer who offers strategy consulting.
These journeys witnessed my transformation from a lost entrepreneur to a successful and confident freelancer. Now I run a good business selling my own intellectual products, consulting and training services. Right now, we are still lucky to having the chance to start from scratch.