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Why am I suspended from PayPal Seller Protection? How do I become eligible again?

To ensure a safer transaction environment, your eligibility for PayPal Seller Protection may be suspended during regular account reviews. This usually happens when one or more of the following activities are detected on your PayPal account:

  - There is an increased risk associated with your PayPal account.

  - Your PayPal account is linked to another PayPal account that has been suspended.

Providing excellent customer service and reducing the risk of fraud for your customers can be helpful in regaining and maintaining your eligibility for PayPal Seller Protection.

Providing excellent customer service

  - Offer a refund and post your return policy where customers can see it.

  - Use a reputable shipping service.

  - Set up a customer service message within your PayPal account.

  - Be professional, helpful and courteous if a customer contacts you. Post customer service contact information, including working hours and response time.

Reducing the risk of fraud

  - Provide detailed and accurate descriptions of items for sale and include pictures from multiple angles.

  - Verify the customer’s order information before shipping, such as the address and phone number. If an order looks suspicious, contact the customer to verify information. Also, delay shipping any high-risk orders and avoid shipping them overnight  unless you are confident the order is legitimate.

  - Use tools to detect fraud, such as IP geolocation, device identification, fraud filters, etc.

  - Keep your credit card statement name updated to make sure that your customers can recognise your transaction easily on their card statement.

  - Review orders for anything unusual, such as:

  • Shipping to a high risk country
  • Orders that are larger than normal
  • Requests for change of shipping address after the order has been paid for
  • Abnormally large numbers of international orders within a short period of time
  • Several orders from different customers shipping to the same address
  • Overpayments with additional requests
  • Rush or overnight shipping
  • Orders from a suspicious email address
  • Orders from a suspicious postal address (e.g. P.O. boxes, vacant buildings)
  • Multiple separate orders from the same PayPal account

To learn more about PayPal Seller Protection and tips for selling safely, click Security at the bottom of the PayPal homepage and view the “Seller Protection” section. 

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