Merchant rate

Merchant rate fee schedule

Purchase payments received (monthly)Fee per transaction
$0.00 AUD - $5,000.00 AUD2.4% + $0.30 AUD
$5,000.01 AUD - $15,000.00 AUD2.0% + $0.30 AUD
$15,000.01 AUD - $150,000.00 AUD1.5% + $0.30 AUD
> $150,000.00 AUD1.1% + $0.30 AUD
Merchant rate criteria
Merchant rate pricing approval is reserved for members in good standing (whose accounts are not currently under investigation) who meet the following criteria:
  • Received more than $5,000.00 AUD in PayPal payments in the previous calendar month.

Maintaining your merchant rate
After qualifying for merchant rate pricing, all members are expected to:
  • Keep their PayPal account in good standing. Members may be downgraded to the standard rate if a payment volume of more than $5,000.00 AUD is not maintained in the previous calendar month, or if they have unresolved chargebacks.

Note: Members do not need to reapply for merchant rate pricing if payment volume drops below $5,000.00 AUD, unless their account is downgraded or if there are unresolved chargebacks.

Members interested in receiving the merchant rate should apply via our online application form. This is a one-time application (exception in Note above).

If you qualify for the merchant rate, log in to your PayPal account and apply.