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As technology evolves, so do consumer expectations. In our 2021 eCommerce Trends Report, we uncovered how online retail continues to evolve across Australia.

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Buy Now Pay Later is on the rise.

45% of Australians have made a Buy Now Pay Later purchase, and it’s Gen Y leading the charge with 65% making an average of 2.7 BNPL transactions a month.1

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And sales make it even more attractive.

The percentage of Australians who have or would consider using BNPL rises dramatically to 64% when it’s for an online sales event like Boxing Day or Black Friday. And again, it’s Gen Y pushing for instalments, with 4 in 5 (81%) seeking BNPL on sales.

Australians love a discount.

And that preference is growing with Australians increasingly viewing sales as the norm. We rarely, if ever, pay full price. With 67% of Australians always looking for sales or discount codes. Even when in store, 40% of us check online prices to make sure we’re getting the best deal.

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1 PayPal eCommerce Trends Report 2021

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